Skilled in precision machining.

Horizontal work stations

CNC able of producing different components for materials and geometries.

Robot Cells

With medium to large production volumes, automation systems are implemented to optimize production capacity.

Dimensional Checks

The dimensional characteristics are monitored both in the process and in the laboratory, through controls by attributes and by variables. CMM ZEISS, ELN MARPOSS gauges, NIKON microscope and dedicated control benches allow compliance with the quality target required by our customers.

Vertical work stations

CNC able of producing different components for materials and geometries.

Dimensional Capabilities

Our production system are able to manage components with a maximum size of up to 6 meters.

Washes & Assemblies

Washing systems dedicated to the product allow the achievement of the cleaning targets required by our customers, whose effectiveness is assessed using the MILLIPORE method. Assembly systems dedicated to the product allow us to offer an integrated service to our customers.

Our quality control standards

CABI has the best tools to measure all the characteristics of the parts machined. StandardsCMM ZEISSSPERONI technology for the setup of machining tools, allows the achievement of quality targets.

To certify our gauges and control instruments we use the MICROREP linear measuring systemMILLIPORE technology combined with a NIKON electron microscope allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our washing systems.

RENISHAW technology is applied to perform measurements directly on CNCMARPOSS technology is used for measurements for variables in process and for real-time dimensional adjustment on the CNC. The diagnosis and optimization of processes takes place with the Montronix SPECTRA wireless mobile pulse system.

The advanced metal working goup

Company CABI has been working in the machining field since 1963, when it has been founded by Mr. Francesco Cibrario.
Since its foundation, the Company was committed to continuously invest in technology innovation, in looking for new technical solutions and in personnel training. The Management and Ownership of CABI want to pursue a continuous development of the company, by investing in technical and human resources, so that CABI might achieve highest performances.
This strategy, which has met fully satisfaction from customers and collaborators, will allow to achieve new and important goals.
lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione

70 work stations, 18 automated island

Our certifications


ISO / TS 16949


Via delle Fabbriche 5, 10070 Vauda Canavese TO, Italy



Via delle Fabbriche 5
10070 Vauda Canavese TO, Italy

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